Costs to Close

The total closing costs are less than a new loan because there are:

  • no lender junk fees,($250 or more)
  • no appraisal fee ($350 or more)
  • no points or origination fees, (1% or more)
  • no underwriting fees, ($350 or more)
  • no lender document review fees, ($350 or more)
  • no duplicate recording fees for a Deed and Deed of Trust ($3.33 per thousand) 
  • no lender's title insurance ($150 or more)
  • no survey required  ($300 or more) 
On a typical $250,000 sale, these fees for a new loan might total over $6,000.  The attorney fees and escrow agent fees for a Contract for Deed would be half that amount, $1,500 per side.

Other closing costs including title search, title insurance and, settlement fees remain the same as a regular closing.  Call our office and we can provide an estimate of these costs for your transaction.

Not only does a Contract for Deed save money, you can settle quickly because there is no loan application or appraisal.  Instead of a month to close, it usually takes only a week for the title search and to gather the loan and escrow balance information.

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